It is in the emotion that a scene or a person evokes in me that I find my greatest inspiration and drive. Painting has always been my way of channeling overwhelming feelings and turning them into something positive. In the process, my hope is to inspire others and make them see life in a genuine and creative kind of way.

I believe that the resemblance in a portrait goes far beyond what the person looks like. While I paint, my goal is to provide the static image with the emotional content that it needs in order to come alive.

Uniting sensibility and subject together, whether in a landscape or a portrait, is the main goal of my painting journey.

My personal ongoing collection of autographed portraits of some of my favorite musicians.

The very first one I drew was of Matthew Good, back in 2007. After seeing his concert (only a few days apart) in Montreal, Toronto, Red Deer and Banff, I traveled to Halifax to see a fifth concert, where I had his portrait autographed.

Three years later, drawing a portrait of Matt Berninger from "The National" and meeting him backstage sparked the idea of turning the inspiration I get from music into what has now become a growing collection of musician portraits, but mostly, a priceless collection of good memories, great concerts, exciting meetings, and infused with the creative energy shared by inspired artists.

These nature scenes were painted in pastel when I was living in Alberta between 2004 and 2007. Some are inspired by the lush nature of the Rocky Mountains.

The water landscapes were created after Calgary's floods of June 2005, when the Bow River spilled into some of the most beautiful parks of the city after a constant rainfall that lasted more than 30 days. That one evening, when the sky cleared up for the first time in more than a month, a revealed gentle sunset inspired me to paint a series of the unusual and dreamy scene.

A few pastels from these two series are presented here.